29 Aug 2010

Call for Help

The following appeal is being made in St Mary’s Church.......

The AA and BB are the main St Mary’s youth groups for young people in Radcliffe,
and the various age groups meet every evening of the week in the BB Hall. In
addition to the obvious activities, the bands, indoor games, crafts, etc., our
Leaders try to interest the members in hobbies, music, art work etc. If you have
an interesting hobby which you are prepared to share with a small group of Boys
or Girls, even for an hour a week, even for a limited period, please offer your

The AA and BB are the chosen youth work for our Church, and they
have a Christian basis not evident in some other local youth groups. They are
open groups, but were intended originally for the children of Church Members.
Please encourage your own children to join, so that their membership is from
Church-going families.

Adults in the Church who feel that they can offer leadership should contact Ted Ward in the first instance, Bob Jones or any Officer or Leader.

We extend this invitation also to any AA or BB Parent who can offer time to teach our members a hobby or skill. Your help will be most welcome.