29 Aug 2010

Newsletter Sept 2010

Start of Session Dates: New Members Welcome
As usual, AA/BB Meetings will resume with the schools from Sept 7, the provisional dates being:

Band / Club Night    .. Fri 3 Sept
Company Boys    ...... Tue 7 Sept
AA. Girls             ...... Wed 8 Sept
Junior Boys.        ....... Thur 9 Sept
Anchor Boys/Girls....... Mon 13 Sept

NOTE**** The 2010 Register for Enrolment - All Members and Staff.****NOTE

All members will receive a new Parents’ Consent Form, and notification of the subscriptions payable for 2010-11 Session. Please note that Consent Forms must be returned by 30 September latest, as we have to make up the Roll and notify BBHQ for insurance purposes. This must include names of all Staff and Members. Please remember, if your child is not registered or has no Consent Form, they are not insured in case of accident, and the Staff are concerned. PLEASE RESPOND PROMPTLY to this matter.

BB Hall Equipment and other requirements ......Staff Notes
 -We are all grateful for the splendid efforts by Staff who have prepared the Hall for the new Session in September.

- Any copying for BB Purposes will be done if you pass the originals and your needs to No 46 from 1 Sept 10.

-Please let me know of any special needs for new equipment to be purchased.

Summer Session Reports
All Sections had an active Summer Session.

Company members concentrated on archery, and showed some impressive improvements in accuracy.

Juniors had a varied summer programme, and closed with a party.

Anchor Section reported a great Village Treasure Hunt and party to close the term, with families and even dogs joining in the fun, ending with refreshments in the Hall.

The AA Girls had a weekend sleepover, with a trip to the swimming baths and a garden barbeque to close their summer fun.

We expect to have sufficient uniforms for ALL members to be properly equipped. We are particularly concerned that all members come each week in correct dress. There will be a List available of the correct wear for each section. in Hall. Requests for uniform items to Section Leaders, and Payments to Treasurer via Office Tray.

Special Appeal
We are asked to Appeal for BLOOD DONORS - If you get this before Thursday 2 Sept, and can donate, there is a Session at The Grange.

Mile of Pennies Sat 9 Oct 2009 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.
This has become a very successful fund-raising event arranged each year by Bob Jones, from which we gained over £200 last year. We have many friends who save their small change all year for it. All members please be there for as much of the time as you can, in smart uniform. We expect to serve refreshments to our visitors, supporters and collectors as well.

We need help from Staff and Parents for supervision on the road. Please wear the yellow safety jackets which are in the Office, when on duty.

Christmas Pantomime at The Grange Sat 18 Dec 2010 2.30 pm
The village pantomime was enjoyed by our members last year and the Officers have decided to take our members again this year. We are grateful to Lesley Hutt for arranging this Christmas Treat. There will be forms in the Hall which you can use to claim free tickets for enrolled members, You can also buy Parent/family tickets through Lesley if you wish to join this outing. NOTE Please Apply EARLY, as tickets are limited for this matinee Performance.

Parade to St Marys at 9.40 am Sunday 19 SEPTEMBER – All Members and Parents invited.. Keep this date!

Parents And Friends Association
The PFA has been a strength of our BB for many years, and normally organises about three fund-raising events during the year. If the PFA is active, our volunteer Leadership can then direct their efforts to work with members, and not worry so much about Fund-raising. Together with the Mile of Pennies, some grants we can get, and the money raised by PFA, our funds should cover both running expenses and maintenance. This then means that your subscriptions can be allocated to the Sections for their work. As a guide, the idea is to allocate this money according to numbers of Members so all get fair shares.

This does depend on the PFA getting your support. We need a few active Parents to help to plan, and full support from everyone when there is an event. Please help, it makes such a difference.

Ted Ward