5 Oct 2009

October Newsletter

New Incumbent – Enrolment
To help our new Vicar, Graeme Anderson, to get to know our staff and Members, I arranged a competition in which each Member had to get signatures on his/her membership card from him, from our Chaplain and from myself. This competition closes on the first weekly meeting in October, and prizes will be awarded to all whose names appear on the list by 8 October.

Consent Forms for All Members. Note to Parents.
Many thanks to all Parents who responded promptly by returning Consent Forms. These are now kept in a new file in the Office. If your child has any special allergies or treatments which Staff should be aware of, this will be noted in this File. If any additional conditions arise, please tell me so that the new information can be listed.

BB Hall;
Special thanks to all who have worked to tidy and clean the Hall and the area around it for start of Session. The trees next the drive will be trimmed this week!

We should have sufficient uniforms for ALL members to be properly equipped.
See List in Hall. Requests for uniform items to Section Leaders/Mrs Lord, and Payments to Treasurer via Office Tray. I have asked that deficiencies in T-shirts with collars for the Boys Sections be made good.

Mile of Pennies Sat 10 Oct 2009 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.
This has become a very successful fund-raising event, from which we gained over £400 last year. The challenge this year is to take over £450 – people in Radcliffe are very generous to us. We ask all members to be there for as much of the time as you can, in smart uniform. Help from Staff and Parents for supervision on the road, please. Join the big count at 12.30!

VISITOR TO AA – Mr David Keetley, BB Development Officer.
Mr Keetley was recently appointed Development Officer for Nottingham and Leicester, and will be visiting all Companies. We expect him to visit our AA Meeting on 21 October to see the normal programme on that evening. He is interested to see how we have adapted BB activities to the needs of Girls.

The new proposed legislation has caused great concern among some Staff and Parents, and this has certainly not been helped by appalling events appearing in news bulletins. Our Vicar and Chaplain are aware of our concerns, and we await definitive advice from the Youth Adviser. When action is needed, I will take it, and I will avoid any precipitate action until the whole issue has been cleared.

We are grateful to Mr and Mrs Brian Hollis for the gift of serviceable camping equipment.


PANTOMIME – Our members are invited to take part in the Bingham Operatic Pantomime in Feb Half Term 2010. Rehearsals on Mondays 7.30 pm in BB Hall, starting 2 November.

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY – 8 November, St Mary’s Church
Please note that all Members are asked to parade on this annual occasion, with special request for a full parade of the Band. We meet at the BB Hall at 10.15 a m.

JUNIOR SECTION - Edgar Spencer Indoor Games – Tuesday 10 November 09 – at the 17 Coy HQ, at Pearson Centre in Beeston

– Bible Knowledge Competition – Thursday 12 November 09 at the 16 Coy HQ, in Stapleford

Ted Ward