1 Jul 2009

Newsletter July 2009

CARNIVAL DAY Saturday July 12 Meet 12.45 pm Golf Road for 1.00 pm

Please note that there is a place for everyone in our Carnival Entries, however, if you have promised to go with another group, please do not let them down!
Please decide now where you will be on the day, and make sure that your Leaders know that you will be there!

Company, AA Girls and Juniors who are in the Band should meet at Golf Road, in full blue jersey uniform, with instruments polished, Drag ropes on the drums. Chris B and Chris H are in charge. Ted W will open the Hall at 12.00 noon to 12.30 for collection of drums etc. Young Volunteers needed to carry the pennants in front of the Band, with Mrs Drew in charge

Anchors and Juniors – you will have seen the wild beast which is our entry for this year. Stone Age dress and clubs are available for all who are walking with Dino, and if you have not yet had a “fitting”, contact Steve at next Meeting.

Bob J has volunteered to run this again, but can only manage it with help to get the games to the Grange and back, and to supervise them during the day.
Volunteer Parents please contact Bob on 9334306.

A Hazard Assessment had been made for the Procession - Parents please note that we urgently need your help as Stewards in yellow jackets, six for Dino, four for the Band. Yellow Jackets from Steve and Chris on the day.

Summer Break: The AA and BB will close down for the Summer Holidays as usual. Details of final meetings from Section Leaders. Have an enjoyable summer break, and return refreshed when the School Term starts in September.

St Mary’s Church
On 1 Sept 09, Rev Graeme Anderson will become Priest-in-Charge of our Church. We welcome him from AA and BB, and I hope to arrange meetings with our staff, and with our group members during September. Please make special efforts to be there on these occasions.

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